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Next steps for primary care in Wales: priorities for Primary Care Clusters, resourcing and preparing for the new Health and Social Care Plan
Wednesday 18 July 2018

This seminar will consider the future for primary care services in Wales, and will be an opportunity to discuss the final report of the Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales, the Inquiry into Primary Care Clusters (PCCs) and the upcoming Health and Social Care Plan, which is expected to include a new primary care plan.

It will also be an opportunity to consider the findings of the Wales Audit Office’s preliminary publication on the current state of primary care services in Wales - which highlighted key challenges facing the sector around costs, patient and workforce experiences, and recruitment issues.

Delegates will assess the priorities for implementing the Review’s recommendations to further devolve resources and decision making to PCCs - including how the Government’s £100 million transformation fund to support implementation should be applied. They will also examine the initial performance of PCCs in light of the Inquiry’s findings, including how best to increase consistency of delivery, share best practice and engage effectively with patients.

Further sessions focus on the way ahead for effective inspection, improving the quality of care and meeting the needs of the workforce - looking at training and skills development, and developing the leadership needed to drive change.

Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • The vision for delivering primary care services in wider Health and Social Care reform plans;
  • Next steps in implementing PCCs in the context of the Inquiry;
  • Tackling the challenges to delivering integrated, efficient, high quality care;
  • Key priorities in resourcing, following calls from RGCP Wales for the Welsh Government to raise GP funding in line with the rest of the UK;  
  • Challenges for developing the infrastructure needed to support reform, as the Public Accounts Committee conducts an inquiry into the NHS Wales Informatics Services; and
  • The role of inspection and regulation in delivering improvements in care.

The agenda has been structured following consultation with officials at the National Assembly for Wales and is copied below my signature. A regularly updated version is available to download here. The seminar is organised on the basis of strict impartiality by the Policy Forum for Wales. Follow us @PFWEvents for live updates.

Location Central Cardiff