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Events Calendar

C3SC training: WRAP training in partnership with Cardiff Council
Tuesday 19 September 2017, 09:30am - 12:30pm

FREE for everyone 

In partnership with Cardiff Council.

What is WRAP?

WRAP are Workshops to Raise Awareness of 'Prevent'. Prevent is part of the UK Government's counter terrorism strategy, preventing people from becoming involved in terrorism.

Training Objectives:

  • To Understand Prevents Aim
  • Think about who may be vulnerable to terrorism
  • See why some people are able to influence and manipulate others to commit crimes
  • Recognise when a vulnerable individual may be in need of your help
  • Be clear on what help and support looks like in this area, and who you should turn to if you have concerns

How Does WRAP/Prevent link to Safeguarding?

Individuals who are exposed to extremist views and can become radicalised are people who require support and intervention as vulnerable individuals.

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Location : C3SC offices, Baltic House, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay CF10 5FH