As the voice of the third sector in Cardiff, C3SC is frequently approached by bodies such as the Welsh Assembly Government, Cardiff Council and NHS to respond to consultations which require third sector opinion on proposed areas of their work.

We believe consultation with the sector should be all inclusive, recognising the broad spectrum of interests, such as youth groups, disabled groups, age groups, religious and faith groups. That's why we give you the opportunity to feed in to responses.


We respond to consultations by:

•    Submitting an organisational response via relevant staff members
•    Inviting members to contribute their views via email, post or telephone
•    Inviting members to contribute their views via 'Viewpoints' discussion sessions


Current consultations


Consultation Reponses and Analyses

  • Connected Communities: The Welsh Government has published the Connected Communities consultation summary report on tackling loneliness and isolation in Wales. 

    The report is available here. View the written statement here


You will find the full list of open consultations on the Welsh Assembly Government website at and here is a link to the Cardiff Council consultations link to the Cardiff Council consultations.

The WCVA has a Consultations page on their website.