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The responsibility for resolving the issues that most matter to people, such as reducing crime and improving public health, does not sit with one organisation alone. In recognition of this, Cardiff has brought together the key public and voluntary services to work collaboratively to address the big issues and make services more effective.

The Cardiff Partnership Board (formerly Cardiff Integrated Partnership Board) therefore consists of Senior Managers from across partner organisations and represents Cardiff's Local Service Board.


The membership of the Cardiff Partnership Board (CPB) is made up of:
  • Chief Executive, Cardiff Council
  • Chief Executive, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board
  • Executive Director of Public Health, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board
  • Chief Executive, Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC)
  • Assistant Chief Fire Officer, South Wales Fire & Rescue Service
  • Chief Superintendent, South Wales Police - Cardiff Basic Command Unit,
  • Director General, Local Government and Communities, Welsh Government, and the
  • Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Wales Probation Trust


The CPB strengthens local public service management to tackle ‘fundamental and unmet' challenges from a citizen perspective. To achieve this, the Board are responsible for overseeing the performance of city-wide programmes and workstreams to address major issues in Cardiff. These issues have been identified through business intelligence and the Board will monitor progress to provide support and challenge as necessary.


The aims of the Board are to:  
  • Improve the quality of life in Cardiff in line with the 'What Matters' Strategy
  • Ensure organisations work together towards shared outcomes
  • Strengthen the public service leadership
  • Respond more effectively to citizen needs
  • Improve the delivery of services by pooling resources and working together
  • Ensure that commissioning and management are working effectively
  • Continue to learn and share experience
  • Develop a new relationship with the Welsh Government to improve services
  • Promote health, economic, social and environmental well-being of Cardiff


Structure of Cardiff Partnership Board

There are eight 'programmes of work' that sit under the Cardiff Partnership Board and most will have a Programme Board. Under these Programme Boards sit 23 Workstreams - broad areas of work that pick up on specific priorities. Find out more about this on the Cardiff Partnership website - you can download meeting papers there too.


Business intelligence

Business intelligence means using information to create historical, current and predictive views of operations to shape decisions, and evaluate and monitor activity.

It represents a central component of the Cardiff Partnership Model, providing a systematic approach to evidence-based decision making, supporting all levels of the partnership and ensuring resources are allocated as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Business intelligence helps partners in Cardiff improve the city and the services we offer, whilst also increasing efficiency. Read more about business intelligence on the Cardiff Partnership website.


Neighbourhood intelligence reports

As part of work to support Neighbourhood Management arrangements in Cardiff, a series of quarterly Neighbourhood Intelligence Reports have been prepared for elected members, Neighbourhood Management Teams and other partners. You can download the reports on the Ask Cardiff website.


Other information