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Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC) recognises that our members – community groups and other third sector organisations – have a broad range of qualities, skills and experiences, and insights into the needs of the communities they serve. Our members have so much to offer and our sector plays a key role in society.

This is why C3SC is announcing the ‘Represent and Lead’ campaign. We are encouraging our members to apply for public appointments – putting them in a key position to get involved at a strategic level, to ‘represent and lead’ in Wales.


What are public appointments?

In short, public appointments are panels of advisors used to advise statutory bodies on policy, delivery and planning. The Welsh Government’s website says that public appointments are “committees that advise, monitor and take decisions on public services across Wales, both locally and nationally”.

Here are some examples Welsh Government gives:

·        Public bodies, e.g. Arts Council of Wales, National Museum Wales

·        Regulatory bodies, e.g. Care Council for Wales, General Teaching Council for Wales

·        Advisory and specialist bodies, e.g. Advisory Panel on Substance Misuse, Welsh Food Advisory Committee


Represent and Lead

C3SC is supporting the Welsh Government’s desire to understand the needs of people in Wales; therefore we are keen for people from all walks of life to get involved in these important public appointment roles. Anyone can apply and, whilst most positions are unpaid, most cover expenses.
We want to see more public appointments filled by those working in the third sector, bringing with them the wealth of experiences and knowledge about the communities they work with.

Over the next few months, C3SC will be running the ‘Represent and Lead’ campaign, raising the profile of public appointments and encouraging our members to apply.

You can find out more about public appointments – including current vacancies – on the Welsh Government website. We also advertise these roles at www.c3sc.org.uk/vacancies

If you’re considering applying for a public appointment and would like to discuss the opportunity further, please feel free to call Rowena Shaw on (029) 2048 5722 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Social finance from £1,000 to £5 million and everything in between is currently available through WCVA.WCVA logo

If you’re having problems getting a grant for your new project or expanding your range of services, you might want to consider the WCVA's managed social investment alternatives.

Two of these funds are (follow the links to find out more):



The Cardiff Connection Voucher Scheme supports:

  • The third sector, SMEs, sole traders and SOHOs (Small Office Home Office)
  • One voucher per organisation
  • Business or residential address
  • 100% of capital installation costs
  • Vouchers available from £250 to £3,000
  • Over 30 mbps on a shared line or 20 mbps on a dedicated service
  • Monthly services charges excluded from the grant


To find out more, visit www.digitalcardiff.net or call (029) 2078 8593.

A Community and Adult Scrutiny Committee inquiry into the impact of the under occupancy charge, part of the UK Government’s Welfare Reform agenda, has found that Cardiff Council was well-prepared for the changes and good work is being done to assist those affected.

The committee has carried out the second of its inquiries into Welfare Reform, this time focussing on the impact of the charge more commonly known as ‘bedroom tax’, to ensure plans are in place to help tenants and mitigate the impact of the changes.

A wide range of witnesses gave their views to inform the inquiry including tenant representatives, Cardiff Against the Bedroom Tax, housing associations and the Cardiff and Vale Citizen Advice Bureau as well as council officers and Cabinet Member for Communities, Housing and Neighbourhood Renewal, Cllr Lynda Thorne.

The inquiry found that Cardiff’s approach has been welcomed by partners and recognised as good practice by the Welsh Government and UK Cabinet Office with schemes in place to maximise support to affected tenants, such as a Rent Rescue Scheme, and schemes to help tenants to downsize and help with moving costs.

Cabinet Member for Communities, Housing and Neighbourhood Renewal, Cllr Lynda Thorne, said: “The Council has taken a very proactive approach to the changes caused by the UK Government’s Welfare Reform. We identified those people in the city who would be affected and tried to help them as much as we can. We have engaged with those tenants who have been willing to engage with us. “

Chair of the Community and Adult Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Daniel De’Ath, said: “We were interested to understand the detail behind the headlines regarding the ‘bedroom tax’ and keen to ensure that the council was helping people affected in any way it could.

“Our findings show that the charge is causing hardship and severe difficulties for some people in the city and the likelihood is that this negative impact will continue for some time into the future. But I am also really pleased about the vast amount of work that is going into helping people, especially those who are willing to help themselves.

“Two thirds of those affected in the city are disabled and so several of our recommendations aim to improve assistance to these tenants while the importance of community-based internet access cannot be underestimated as the Welfare Reform agenda moves forward and Universal Credit is rolled out.”

The committee’s recommendations, which form the basis of a report to be considered by Cabinet on Friday February 21, include tasking  officers with  maintaining the current approach to  engaging with council tenants and not evicting a council tenant who is engaging with the Council and genuinely seeking to resolve their situation; to explore all opportunities to ensure that, wherever appropriate, all eligible disabled people receive Disabled Band Relief and  to develop effective means of publicising community-based internet access points across Cardiff.

Cardiff Council’s Commissioning and Procurement Newsletter (January 2014) has just been published and contains a range of short articles on new initiatives and proposed changes to commissioning and procurement working. It includes details of the upgrade to the PROACTIS contract and sourcing solution; details of a new Purchasing Card provider and advice on how to access free business support and training available from Business Wales.

Further information on Commissioning and Procurement is also available at www.cardiff.gov.uk/procurement

If you have any comments or there are issues or questions that you would like to see addressed in a future Newsletter then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also read a guide to commissioning here.