Our member organisation Nu-Hi is a not-just-for-profit social enterprise business set up in Wales by recovered drug and alcohol users with personal experience of addiction, treatment and recovery.  They use their skills, knowledge and personal experience in the design and delivery of bespoke training workshops for all. They trade to the private, public and voluntary sectors. Profits are re-invested into growing the business and building the capacity of its dedicated team of volunteers to meet the growing demand for their product and services.

Nu-Hi has been invited to deliver drug and alcohol education at the Peninsula secondary school, Waterloo Village in Sierra Leone.

Skillshare Africa is a pilot project developed by Nu-Hi in response to this invitation. They provide resources and training opportunities which have already benefited two West African communities in Sierra Leone. They offer teacher training and provide educational materials, medical supplies, walking aids and much more. Following this visit they will recruit further volunteers to support our work in Africa. They need to raise £20,000 to buy more resources for the schools and local community in Waterloo.

They are seeking sponsorship from businesses, whose standards of corporate social responsibility reflect their own, to assist in making this project possible. This project is keenly supported by the local media, who will be publishing events in which corporate sponsors will have a key presence. When this project takes place Nu-Hi will be relaying photographs and video diaries from Africa incorporating the logos of sponsors. If you know of any businesses who might be interested in sponsoring this worthwhile project, please get in touch with Nu-Hi.

For further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.nuhi.co.uk