Plans are coming along nicely for the Everyone’s Future Event which will showcase Everyone's Future logointergenerational work across Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan

The Everyone’s Future Working Group is made up of older and younger people, professionals and project staff.

The group met this week armed with loads of ideas and plans for the event. Age Equality Worker, Louise David said; ‘I am so excited for this event. The Working Group all get on so well. Everyone has voice their opinions and everyone is so creative.’

The group are well underway with planning performances for the event but it’s not just about organising a show. Louise added, ‘The group are really interested in changing the negative perceptions of older and younger people. We see such stereotypical images of older and younger people all the time. From chav and lazy to grumpy and miserable, these labels can sometimes stop people from making connections and getting on together in their community.’

‘After having the opportunity of working together the group have quickly learnt that these stereotypes just aren’t true.’

The event will be catalyst for this work and there will soon be an announcement of the high profile venue it will take place in.

The next meeting will take place on 19th March at 4:30pm at The Cardiff Story Museum, The Hayes, Cardiff. If you would like to attend please contact Age Equality Worker, Louise David on 01446 700622 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.