We wish to reassure you of the measures C3SC is taking during the current pandemic.  Our office in Baltic House is closed.  However, we plan to operate as far as possible through remote working.  Please feel free to contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are remaining up to date with official guidance on face to face meetings, and therefore at the present time we are keeping meetings to the minimum and only attending those where our presence is essential.In addition to emails, we may be able to video or telephone conference where required on request.If you have any enquiries, please email or telephone your usual contact or see our website https://www.c3sc.org.uk/contact-us for our contact details.  


If you are looking for general advice, then please visit our website https://www.c3sc.org.uk/promoting-your-org-info-sheets to download information sheets on a range of issues and policies relevant to volunteering and the third sector.


We know a lot of people are interested in volunteering or looking for volunteers at this time to help out during the Covid-19 pandemic; if you are interested in helping out in the community or seeking volunteers to support your activities or services, then please register here https://volunteering-wales.net/vk/volunteers/my_opportunities_info_ur.htm?PID=10155792


We will share information we receive on changes/cancellations of events or the availability of other services on our website https://www.c3sc.org.uk/communications/communications-doc-lib/covid-19-coronavirus-information-hub


We will provide you with updates as the situation changes. All of us here at C3SC hope that you, your families, friends and colleagues keep safe and well.


Warm Regards,

Sheila Hendrickson-Brown

Chief Executive Officer