Building a Child Friendly Cardiff and Vale’ Symposium

Cardiff and Vale Health Board, Cardiff Council and Vale of Glamorgan Council would like to invite you to attend the ‘Building a Child Friendly Cardiff and Vale’ Symposium on Monday, 9th March, 2020.  

This event will focus on how we can develop child-friendly places and spaces, and support children and young people to have a healthy environment.   As we plan, design and build our communities and environments it is crucial that we consider children’s rights to both being involved in the planning but also their right to live in an environment that benefits their health and wellbeing.

This event will bring together children and young people with a wide range of stakeholders including professionals from health and social care, education, planning, transport, third sector, academia and citizens to encourage delegates to connect children’s rights to their work and as individuals.

The event is supported by Cardiff and Vale Health Charity.

Here is an invitation and some supporting information. You can book a place here