Dry January 2020

You can sign up to do Dry January as an individual, or to help promote it within your community, or for your workplace at www.alcoholchange.org.uk. There are lots of downloadable resources including social media resources and posters.

Why not download the ‘Try Dry’ app, from the App Store or Google Play.  It’s a free app to track dry days and units, calories and money saved.

Does Dry January work?

  • 86% of participants saved money

  • 70% of participants had better sleep

  • 66% had more energy

  • 65% generally improved health

  • 72% of people who do Dry January are still drinking less riskily six months later.

In case you were wondering (or worrying), Dry January starts when you wake up on New Year’s Day, not at midnight. Happy New Year! 


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