Age Cymru urges focus on the most vulnerable members of our older population

With the Westminster elections approaching, Age Cymru is urging candidates in Wales to focus their attentions on the more vulnerable members of our older communities, many of whom struggle and face significant challenges in their daily lives.

The charity has set out its priorities for older people in a special manifesto aimed at those contesting next month’s General Election outlining key policies to help those older people with the greatest need so that we all can enjoy a dignified, secure and fulfilling later life.


Age Cymru is calling on the next UK Government to:

•reduce pensioner poverty by  protecting the value of the State Pension; retaining the triple lock and universal access to key benefits that help maintain health and wellbeing such as the TV licence and winter fuel payments

• work with the BBC to ensure that the free TV licence remains available for everybody aged 75 or over

•lead global efforts to create a UN Convention on the rights of older people


Age Cymru’s chief executive Victoria Lloyd says: “Our vision is for an age friendly Wales where all older people feel safe and secure in their homes and local communities, are not discriminated against by service providers, and are able to engage fully with their community.

“Our priority is to shine a light on the main issues affecting the more vulnerable members of our older population and to highlight the policies that mean we can all look forward to a more positive later life”.

To view a copy of Age Cymru’s manifesto ‘Creating an age friendly Wales’, please visit