Scam awareness Videos from Innovate Trust

In 2018 fraudsters stole £1.2 billion, frauds and scams are the fastest growing crime in the UK but more than 96% of cases go unsolved, Ref: Which Magazine October 2019. To help counter this, Innovate Trust’s Participation Team, in partnership with the people that we support have created four videos.  These are to raise awareness about the types of Scams that we could fall victim to. These videos are accessible and easy to understand for everyone, we are hoping to educate and give people the ability and knowledge to protect themselves.


‘Supported by Cardiff Third Sector Council liaising with Glamorgan Voluntary Services through the Hau Third Sector Fund 2018 in partnership with Cardiff Council and the Vale of Glamorgan Council’

Scam Awareness - Types of Scams

Scam Awareness - Email Scams

Scam Awareness - Phone Scams 

Scam Awareness - Doorstep Scams