(via Oxfam Cymru)

Welsh Economic Doughnut report

In 2015 Oxfam Cymru commissioned the Welsh Economic Doughnut report which provided a visual representation of the twin challenges Wales faces in relation to social justice and environmental limits. The report painted a stark picture of the way in which Wales is falling through the 'social floor' on every count and breaking the environmental ceiling on the majority of indicators.   https://oxfamilibrary.openrepository.com/bitstream/handle/10546/593008/cr-even-it-up-blueprint-for-change-130116-en.pdf;jsessionid=2292F3AA1B0EC9821EA6A991606C9422?sequence=1

We are seeking to replicate the Doughnut report for 2020, to provide an updated picture of the position within Wales ahead of the upcoming Assembly elections and to inform the work of a recently formed anti-poverty coalition which brings together leading organisations working within the field.

The tender is for £8,000 and the final report will need to be available by December. Please refer to this document for more information.

The deadline for applications is 23rd September 2019.