(Via BHF Cymru)

A Message from The British Heart Foundation Cymru

You may be aware that BHF Cymru has embarked on a campaign to secure a commitment to having life-saving skills referenced in the "what matters" statements of the new curriculum. We have started to put out a number of videos about it and have an e-action which you can fill out to let your AM know if you're keen for it to be included.

The very last thing we're looking for is any prescription of teaching on the curriculum, but it can easily be included as a skill which can be taught in the way that is right for the school. With England and Scotland now both teaching it in their schools, it's likely the survival rate from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest rate will improve in the other UK nations and not here. We'd be really grateful, if you agree with the idea of its inclusion, that you click on the link below and add your support the campaign. https://e-activist.com/page/40877/-/1

We’ve also got a great little video online at the moment which we’re sharing – have a watch and if you like it do share it! We’re @BHFCymru on Twitter.