Empowering communities in the context of Brexit


Resources for Change is conducting this survey on behalf of WCVA, with the overall aim of providing insights into the way in which the third sector organisations delivering non-statutory services to communities in Wales are likely to be affected by the Brexit process, and also into the ways in which these organisations could most benefit from support to mitigate the likely impacts of Brexit.

Between mid March and early May, Resources for Change will be asking third sector organisations across Wales to contribute to the research, through interviews, evidence panels, workshops and an online survey. They are due to report to WCVA at the end of June.

Resources for Change will use your personal data (name, email address etc) solely for the purposes of the research contract “Empowering Communities in the Context of Brexit”. These details are secured safely, and password protected in our system for the duration of the contract, and will be permanently deleted from our system at the end of the contract, expected to be July 2019.

To complete the survey in English, click here:

The survey will close at midnight on Tuesday 30th April.

For further information please contact Cerys Thomas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.