Please note multidisciplinary submissions will be viewed more favorably.

Tenovus are offering research strategy grants. These are a funded piece of research over 2 years for up to £60,000 necessary to advance the services and activity provision of Tenovus Cancer Care. It is also a facility to conduct larger, more comprehensive evaluations to measure effectiveness of current services. Each research strategy grant call will have priority themes. These themes aim to tackle a particular challenge with the ambition to increase reach, efficiency and effectiveness of the aims and objectives of Tenovus Cancer Care.


Theme 1: Behavioural changes

With 4 in 10 cancers preventable, there are numerous strategies available in Wales designed to influence behavioural changes. However, it is currently unclear as to the availability, efficacy and possible duplication of these interventions.
Tenovus require a comprehensive review of the current situation. The aim is to provide recommendations on which behaviours Tenovus Cancer Care should be targeting in future campaigns and how best to maximise their impact.


Theme 2: Earlier Presentation

Tenovus are looking for a comprehensive review to measure current presentation rates, the impact of presenting earlier and evidence-based interventions plus any strategies designed to improve this rate.


Theme 3: Living with and Beyond Cancer

What are the best models for delivering long-term cancer care including managing long-term side effects and late-effects of cancer and its treatment (e.g. primary and secondary care, voluntary organisations, self-management, carer involvement, use of digital technology, etc.)? The aim is to determine where Tenovus Cancer Care can make the best possible impact.If any of you have an interest or services in this area please could you email Carolyn Wallace - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as she is trying to gauge interest in developing a grant submission.


Closing Date:

The application process consists of two stages - the Expression of Interest (EoI) stage and the full application stage. All applicants must complete the EoI form which can be downloaded here. Please send your completed Expression of Interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 24th June 2019.


Successful applicants will then be invited to submit a full application via e-mail.


All funding applications require EFAS approval prior to submission –

As soon as you have initiated Part A of an EFAS form a Funding Development Officer will be assigned to work with you. The Development Officers have expertise in drafting, editing and proofreading proposals for funding and will support proposal development

For detailed advice on funding and associated processes please refer to the following webpage

Please note the ultimate responsibility for obtaining the necessary approvals by the application deadline lies with the applicant