The Adolescent Resource Centre (ARC) exists as Cardiff Council’s Edge of Care provision to support young people and families to remain together and prevent young people becoming looked after. As part of the original business case it was identified that therapeutic intervention has been an effective element of an intensive support for young people at risk of becoming accommodated and their families. As such the ARC is seeking to procure various therapeutic interventions to form a suite of interventions to be able to offer families an immediate intervention without delay during a difficult period in their lives.
The Council is seeking to procure up to 750 hours per year, for two years (with a possible extension of a further one year plus one year), of therapeutic intervention in the following disciplines:
Music Therapy
Art Therapy
Family Therapy
Trauma-Focused Psychotherapy
Play Therapy
Generic Counselling (For adults and young people)
Drama Therapy
We are looking to spread annual hours of the contract amongst potentially five providers for each discipline, who will be matched to young people and families according to availability, need, delivery style and suitability.
These therapy sessions could be one-to-one with young people, aged 11 to 17, or with parents/carers. These 750 hours will form a pool of hours which will be drawn upon as and when the need is identified as part of a wider intervention plan for the young person and his/her family. This need will be identified following an assessment and a Multi-Agency Meeting where the young person and parent/carer are present and agree to this intervention. These sessions will be delivered from the ARC centre that is based in the Riverside area of Cardiff.
Clinical supervision for the successful tenderers will not be provided by the ARC but must be sought and funded independently by the successful tenderers.