The Communities First team in East Cardiff, Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn (ECLP) have held numerous conversations with local people as we have developed the trust required to successfully deliver our programmes of work, supporting people to meet their needs and aspirations. We commenced a more structured approach to consultation on receiving the news last February that the Communities First antipoverty programme in Wales was to close.

The ECLP project was the largest, and one of the newest areas to receive CF investment from Welsh Government. We have drawn together the views people have shared with us into a manifesto so that the pace of change that has been achieved, tapping into the massive potential that the communities possess, is not lost. This manifesto is for anyone who believes that communities know what is best for them; for anyone who is fed up of being told what is best for you, your families and your community; and for anyone who wants to be a part of achieving change for the better.

This manifesto sets out key principles and your priorities as told by you. You can use it as a guide for stimulating and developing activities, groups and organisations in your community, and to hold to account the people in power who plan and provide services. Communities First may be coming to an end, but there is a real opportunity to shape things so that they are done differently and to exercise your power to decide for yourself the what, when, how and why in the place where you live, study, work and play.

You can view the manifesto here