Phelps Music's African drumming workshops are an excellent way of uniting groups through traditional African rhythms. These workshops support and encourage participants to work towards an exciting and memorable performance 011involving a variety of rhythmic parts and ostinatos. In Africa, drumming plays an important part in everyday life and is still used today to accompany traditional songs and dances. It plays a significant role in communication, rituals and celebrations as well as in everyday activities.

In their workshops participants learn about and get hands-on experience of using traditional African instruments such as Djembe drums, our brand new Djun Djun (African bass drum), Ghana bells and Shekere shakers. The workshops aim to engage, enthuse and inspire participants by having fun, making music together and taking a musical journey through the fascinating sounds and rhythms of Africa's cultural heritage while participating in a drum circle. Participants will be encouraged to be creative and express themselves as they learn. As well as having their own part to play they will also be encouraged to work as a team. This encourages the group to bond and helps give an understanding of the importance of both individual and group participation. Each session can run from 30 minutes up to an hour. You can take advantage of our 5 or 10 week course, which gives participants a real chance to explore and develop their African drumming skills through structured weekly workshops. Alternatively they offer one-off taster/introduction sessions. They can also provide an audio recording of each session/workshop, which will then be edited and sent to you shortly afterwards. This can be a great way of revisiting the work should you wish to build on it yourself at a later date by, for example, developing the rhythms. An energetic live performance is a great way to end your sessions if you wish to. However, workshops can be customised to suit your needs. They can cater for groups of up to 35.

Their activities are protected by public liability insurance. An up to date DBS check is available as well as their equality and diversity policy.
It is requested that an adult/teacher be present and are actively involved throughout the workshops for support.
If you would like any further information please visit the website website where you can see comments from some of the schools and organisations we have worked with in the past. Alternatively, you can contact Dan Phelps by phone (07974 635502) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).