The success of these projects have encouraged stronger partnership working across Cardiff. The Sprout now intend to link with the National Museum and utilise their broad reaching arena to promote youth activity in the future, and the Museum have expressed openness to other youth groups because of the success of The Sprout event. Cardiff Youth Council produced a quarterly newsletter which highlighted their progress and successes and one of their campaigns on First Aid received mainstream News coverage. In respect of the young peoples’ personal development, there have been several examples of these projects breaking down barriers and enabling young people to have experiences that they have never had before. The grant and the opportunities created have equipped the youth with the skills and confidence to take up further opportunities in the future. UNA Exchange supported one young person who had never left their hometown prior to the funding, yet now the young person is considering participating and volunteering in even larger activities worldwide. The funding and its impact has generated anecdotal but powerful personal feedback directly from the youth of their experience and development. For instance, Cardiff Inclusive Youth received comments like ‘I helped my friends to be listened to’ and ‘I get young people’s voices heard’.  In addition, Full Circle’s projects were a success in that other schools are now seeking to roll out similar initiatives in support of their young people, following on from seeing what the Eastern Chatter groups created and achieved – they also used the Gwirvol logo on their promotion to acknowledge and recognise where this opportunity came from.