Macmillan Physiotherapists run a free scheme across South East Wales called the Macmillan Activity Promotion Programme (MAPP), to help you get and stay active at a pace that suits you.

The Macmillan Activity Promotion Programme (MAAP) is a 6-week course run by a Specialist Physiotherapist and a Physical Activity Support Worker, which aims to help and support adults with a cancer diagnosis to increase their activity levels within a safe and supportive environment.

Participants may be at any stage of your cancer journey from diagnosis through to living beyond cancer or palliative care. If you want to be more active we will do what we can to help you.

Each group session consists of a health and wellbeing discussion and a physical activity session. The physical activity session will mainly consist of circuit based activities allowing you to work at your own level.  The sessions will be tailored to your individual needs and will vary on a weekly basis. The sessions aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills to increase their activity levels in the longer term. The Cardiff sessions are held at Whitchurch Rugby Sports & Social Club.  

At the end of the course we hope you will feel more confident about physical activity and that you will carry on using local services or doing activities on your own. If you would like some more information, please contact our team on 029 20615888 ext 6340 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.