Here is a message from Oxfam Cymru...

We would like to collect experiences of people from across Wales on how you or your community has welcomed and supported refugees and asylum seekers; or how you have been welcomed into a local community as a refugee or asylum seeker. We want to learn from your experience, to improve the welcome and support people receive in Wales. We want to find out what works well and what could work better. We want to capture experiences and help build connections to create a movement of people all working to make Wales a more welcoming nation. your experience may be positive or negative.

We are doing this via a Sensemaker survey:

We are holding a Nation of Sanctuary event on 27th April in Cardiff. Please register at

Our objective is to determine what the criteria might be for Wales to becoming a Nation of Sanctuary, and how, between all the groups and individuals across Wales, we can make that happen. It will also be an occasion for as many as possible of the refugee support groups across Wales, both affiliated City of Sanctuary groups and others, to meet, share experiences, learn from each other and hopefully go away enthused!