Entry to Drug and Alcohol Services (E-DAS) has moved to House 54, Cardiff Royal Infirmary, Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 0SZ. Tel: 0300 300 7000 option 2

  • E-DAS is the single point of entry into substance misuse treatment and support for:

- Individuals looking to address their own use of alcohol or drugs,

- as well as members of their family and carers looking for guidance. 

  • They provide simple and effective access to the full range of substance misuse services in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.
  • They provide you with ‘Choices for Change’
  • The aim of E-DAS is to make the process of engaging with services as simple and effective as possible.


E-DAS Assessment – What to expect

  • The assessment is your opportunity to begin talking through your own drug or alcohol concerns. You can come alone, or bring someone along for support.
  • The appointment will last approximately one hour, However If you need more time to talk then we can arrange a further appointment. If you are unclear about the changes you want to make, we can arrange a follow up appointment to discuss your concerns in more detail.
  • At the end of the assessment your E-DAS worker will make sure that they have the information down correctly and then explore and agree options with you.
  • Anything you agree will be captured in a plan, and requires your consent for onward referrals to services.
  • Following your assessment your EDAS Practitioner will make contact with and make the necessary arrangements to refer you to the most appropriate agencies who are best equipped to provide the support you need. We will also write to you to confirm which service you will be referred to with the relevant contact numbers.
  • It would be useful for you to bare in mind that you will not receive any treatment (medication or otherwise) at the EDAS appointment. Any treatment required will be provided by the agency that you are referred on to.
  • It may be necessary for you to provide a urine or blood sample on the day of your appointment, depending on the service or intervention you may require.