Good Morning,

My name is Ben and I am contacting you from the organisation GoodGym. If you haven’t heard of us before, we’re a group of runners who try to get fit by doing good. We run in groups from central Cardiff on Tuesday evenings to help out local community groups, charities, public spaces and schools in the Cardiff area. You can find out more about how we work on our website here, and watch a short video about us here; in summary, we are volunteers keen to complete physical tasks that better the Cardiff community.

We are currently looking for tasks our runners can complete on the follow dates, however if you have tasks that you would like us to complete in the months that follow then we would love to hear about this too.

Tuesday 6th June

Tuesday 13th June

Tuesday 20th June

Tuesday 27th June

Tuesday 4th July

The tasks can be anything physical that our volunteers can do for approximately 30/45 minutes. Examples of tasks we can help out with include:

- Gardening, weeding and clearing parks or open spaces

- Moving heavy furniture or items

- Painting, sanding or decorating

- Tidying communal areas

- Setting up for events

- Helping out with the building of ponds at local schools

- Sorting out food at local foodbanks

- And loads more!!!

All of our volunteers would be really keen to help out so please do get in touch; Our help would completely free (sounds great I know!), all we need are the materials to do the task/s. It really is amazing how much difference we’d make in such a short space of time. We also advertise the tasks we do and partners we work with on social media which will also be a great opportunity to get your charity/community project known about and have the good work which you do recognised – Please can you help us help you by providing some tasks?

Please email the details of any tasks to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Feel free to share this email with your contacts and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

I really look forward to hearing your response and projects we can help out with.

You are also invited to follow our Twitter account: and also our Facebook page

Ben Annear

GoodGym Cardiff Trainer


Bore da,

Fy enw i yw Ben ac rydw i’n cysylltu â chi o’r sefydliad GoodGym. Os nad ydych wedi clywed amdanom ni o’r blaen, rydym yn griw o redwyr sy’n cadw’n heini wrth wneud daioni. Rydym yn rhedeg mewn grwpiau gan gychwyn yng nghanol Caerdydd bob nos Fawrth, Ein bwriad yw rhoi help llaw i grwpiau cymunedol, elusennau, gwella ardaloedd cyhoeddus ac ysgolion yng Nghaerdydd. Medrwch ddarganfod mwy ynglŷn â’r ffordd rydym ni’n gweithio ar ein gwefan drwy glicio yma, a gwylio fideo byr amdanom ni drwy glicio yma. Yn fyr, rydym ni’n wirfoddolwyr sy’n awyddus i gyflawni tasgau corfforol sy’n gwella’r synnwyr o gymuned yng Nghaerdydd.

Rydym ar hyn o bryd yn chwilio am dasgau i’n rhedwyr gyflawni ar gyfer y dyddiadau canlynol, serch hynny os oes gennych unrhyw dasgau buasech chi’n hoffi cyflawni yn y misoedd sy’n dilyn yna buasem ni wrth ein boddau’n clywed am rain hefyd.

Mawrth 6ed o Fehefin
Mawrth 13eg o Fehefin
Mawrth 20fed o Fehefin
Mawrth 27ain o Fehefin
Mawrth 4ydd o Fehefin

Gall y tasgau yma fod yn unrhyw beth corfforol gall ein gwirfoddolwyr wneud sy’n para tua 30/45 munud. Gallwn helpu gyda’r tasgau canlynol er enghraifft:

- Garddio, chwynnu a thacluso parciau neu leoedd agored
- Symud dodrefn neu eitemau trwm
- Peintio, sandio neu addurno
- Tacluso ardaloedd cymunedol
- Paratoi ar gyfer digwyddiadau
- Helpu adeiladu pyllau mewn ysgolion lleol
- Sortio bwyd mewn banciau bwyd lleol
- A llawer mwy!!!

Mae’n gwirfoddolwyr ni’n awyddus iawn i helpu felly peidiwch ag oedi rhag cysylltu. Mae’n help ni am ddim (Swnio’n ddelfrydol, dwi’n gwybod!). Yr unig beth sydd angen arnom yw’r deunydd i gwblhau'r dasg/tasgau. Mae’n anghredadwy'r gwahaniaeth gallwn wneud mewn cyfnod byr o amser. Rydym ni hefyd yn hysbysebu'r tasgau rydym ni’n gwneud yn ogystal â’n partneriaid drwy gyfryngau cymdeithasol. Mae hyn yn gyfle i chi hyrwyddo eich prosiect cymunedol / elusennol a sicrhau fod pobl yn adnabod y gwaith da rydych chi’n ei wneud. Helpwch ni drwy ddarparu rhai tasgau?

Er mwyn cysylltu ynglŷn â thasgau, fy e-bost yw This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Dwi’n gyfrifol am ddod a GoodGym i Gaerdydd a threfnu'r tasgau mae’n rhedwyr ni’n gwneud.

Mae croeso i chi rhannu'r e-bost yma gyda’ch ffrindiau a rhoi gwybod i mi os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiynau neu sylwadau.

Edrychaf ymlaen yn fawr i dderbyn eich ymateb a chlywed am unrhyw brosiectau gallwn gyfrannu atynt,

Estynnaf wahoddiad i chi ddilyn ein cyfrif Twitter: a hefyd ein tudalen Facebook

Ben Annear

GoodGym Caerdydd

6th July 2017

Book your place now for Wales’ leading people and homes conference.

It’s all change in Welsh housing… the Welsh Government’s efforts to improve people’s lives through private landlord licensing and homelessness legislation are starting to pay off. At the same time, new financial challenges and ambitious house building targets are sharpening everyone’s focus.

This conference takes stock of how far we have come, and looks ahead to the challenges and opportunities of the future.

We’ll be launching our Living Home Standard survey which will reveal, for the first time, what people in different tenures and parts of Wales think about the quality of their homes.

We’ll be debating the potential for taxation to relieve pressures in the housing market, stimulate regeneration and make housing more affordable for everyone.

We’ll be learning about new and innovative ways of engaging with people who are at risk of homelessness.

Speakers confirmed to date:

  • Carl Sergeant AM, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children
  • Loek Groot, Utrecht University and Cllr Matt Kerr, Glasgow City Council discuss the Universal Basic Income pilots in Glasgow and Utrecht
  • Joanne Prestidge, Homeless Link talking about Trauma Informed Care and ACEs
  • Triona O’Connor Focus Ireland ,Housing First Youth project
  • Dr Jennifer Hoolachan, Cardiff University on Scottish secure PRS tenancies to date
  • Duncan McCann of the New Economics Foundation on Land and Taxation

We also have lots of sponsorship opportunities—to find out more please contact  Jennifer Sweeney on 01792 483072 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don’t miss out – come and gather useful insights, take away new ideas, a better understanding of what’s really important to people, and how we can all work together to turn aspirations into reality.

Click here for more information

St David's Hall, The Hayes, Cardiff CF10 1AH Tuesday 27th June 2017 - 10.30am - 4pm


Challenge your opinions, indulge in the culture and share in the activities that demonstrate a rich cultural heritage within Wales.

It’s free to adults and children alike from all backgrounds and communities!

There will be films, live performances, art, and exhibitions that showcase the cultural diversity of the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller community in Wales. You will be astonished and engaged by the amazing skills, heritage, stories, history, art, theatre and dance that will be displayed throughout the day.

Whatever your background, ability, perception or age, come and join this ever growing annual event that provide fun for all the family.

Isaac Blake Director of the Romani Cultural and Arts Company says “Young people are the best agents of change and it is a pleasure to be able to present to the wider public the colour and passion of these very special children.’

Dr Adrian Marsh, “Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month (June) is the opportunity to acknowledge the extraordinary genius of the Romani and Traveller communities in all their rich diversity and their contribution to Welsh and more broadly, British society, in the face of almost overwhelming prejudice and intolerance. The Romani language has influenced popular English, with words such as “dad”, “pal”, “kushti” and others that even appear in Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ (dukka me, or ‘I fortell’); Romani culture has brought the fairy-tale from its Indian origins to Britain, herbal lore and medicines, puppets, plays and mummery; all these owe their origins or were profoundly influenced by Romani culture from the east. Metal-working and complex smithying were trades that were carried by Travellers and Romani communities through the British Isles, along with horses and trading in dogs, birds and rabbits. Fortune-telling and entertainment of all kinds were widely considered to be the prerogative of Romani people from the mediaeval period to the early twentieth century, especially in rural Britain. Much of what is considered English, Scottish or Welsh ‘folk’ music and dance owes its existence to Romani traditions and Irish ‘traditional’ music is almost entirely based in the heritage of the Travelling people. The History Month is a chance to rediscover the contribution to the past and the present that Romani and Traveller people have made and to recognise that our history has been hidden.”

Find out more here ( or contact Romani Cultural and Arts Company for more details

Are you a father, father figure or grandfather in Cardiff? OR Do you know

someone who is?

Then please help us to help them by getting those who fit the bill to complete a short survey here

You can also complete the survey by going to the Families Need Fathers home page here

CLOSING DATE - 9th June 2017


Survey ad eng


Cardiff council's new leader has unveiled his cabinet – and it sees the return of some well-known city councillor.

To find out more, read the article on website