Natasha Applasamy - your Third Sector Development Officer for South West and city-wide portfolio: Children, young people and families

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Hello, I'm Natasha. I have worked for different sectors and organisations of varying sizes, in diverse service areas: banking, public services, social housing, mental health and well-being, community and partnership. Cardiff is a vibrant city, full of inspiring individuals, groups and third sector organisations working hard and passionately to benefit their community, in spite of any challenges they may face. I am privileged to support that journey and connect those who share a similar vision and values. 

Map of Cardiff South West

  Cardiff South West is made up of:









Your local representatives

To find the name of your local councillor, visit the Cardiff Council website and enter your postcode on the top right of the page.

You can find the name of your Assembly Member on the National Assembly for Wales website.

Visit to discover the name of your MP.


Cardiff South West Action Plan

The aim of the Neighbourhood Action Plans is to coordinate evidence-based multi-agency problem solving. The Action Plans have been developed to ensure that the Partnership groups work to identify need and local solutions to improve the quality of life for citizens under the seven outcomes identified in the What Matters strategy. You can download the Cardiff South West Action Plan at


Other info

Get in touch with Natasha if you have any news or information you'd like to share.