Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC) has launched the East Cardiff Llanedeyrn and Pentwyn (ECLP) ECLP logoCommunities First Cluster. This Cluster covers the areas of Llanedeyrn, Llanrumney, Pentwyn, Rumney, St Mellons and Trowbridge. The project is funded by the Welsh Government and forms part of its national Tackling Poverty Strategy and is one of four clusters in Cardiff.

The ECLP team of staff works with community members and local services to develop and support local projects to improve health, learning and prosperity across the area.

By building on the work of the four previous Communities First projects in the area and learning from successes in neighbouring areas, we have developed a plan that we believe will best support local community members especially in new areas such as Pentwyn and Llanedeyrn.

We have designed projects, in partnership with the community, which fit under the three National Objectives (Learning, Health and Prosperity).

The key to our delivery of Communities First will be to engage local people in every aspect of the programme, including hard-to-reach groups and reflecting community priorities. We will continue to reach out to the community and partners to address concerns and requirements of the area as well as addressing statistical hotspots across the cluster.

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Rumney Partnership Hub, Llanstephan Road, Rumney, Cardiff CF3 3JA

Telephone number: (029) 2077 8128

Twitter @ECLPCF



To reach our goals we have set nine goals for community involvement. These are:

1.    Encouraging debate and discussion on community issues and using community input at the core of everything we do.

2.    Improving the number of community members engaging with Communities First by holding frequent and accessible events.

3.    Embracing the range of communication methods available to ensure we are reaching the maximum amount of community members.

4.     Developing a Community Network across the cluster that will assist in distributing information to the community and getting feedback from them.

5.    Ensuring that community members know what’s going on with Communities First, who to contact and how to contact them.

6.    Developing an identity for the project with community input that raises the profile of our work and instils pride in the Community.

7.    Encouraging an environment of tolerance and support across the community and working to tackle discrimination, bullying and harassment of individuals or groups in the area.

8.    Try to make our communications jargon free and embrace a plain English approach.

9.    Thinking outside the box and encouraging innovative and fun activities to collect community opinions and evaluate the project.

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