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Is this project led by deaf and disabled or culturally diverse artists? Yes / No
Will the project will be suitable for a Welsh-speaking audience ?

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Are you requesting commission money from Articulture? Yes / No
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1. Your proposal (300 words max)





2. Your experience (150 words max)




3. Budget


3.1 Please attach a budget for your creation costs (please show this net of VAT)

Please include other funders or investors in your project and indicate whether other money is confirmed.


  1. ? o Yes o No


4. Production Plans


4.1 Approximately how long will your show be?  
4.2 What technical support and specialist equipment will you need? (e.g. PA, power, lighting, overnight security, steward support, ). If you have a technical needs please attach them.  

4.3 How many shows will you normally perform per day?


4.4 How many people will be in the show / performance?  

4.5 Do any members of your company have any access requirements?

Please explain




4.6 When will your show be ready to tour?



4.7 What are your rehearsal / development plans? E.g. dates, locations

(please note we will discuss with you the possibility of a public rehearsal)

4.8 Please confirm the work will be available for the Big Splash (dates in guidelines).  



5. What could a mentor help you with? (150 words max)




6. Marketing material

Images, drawings, or visual material about your project are highly valuable to inform the selection process. If you have any, please send them separately; please clearly mark the attachments with the name of your company and your show.

7. References

You do not have to supply a reference with this proposal, but if you want you can include a letter of support from a promoter or other professional contact. This would be especially useful if you are an artist or company new to outdoor arts in Wales.




Please email your completed form and detailed budget to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by

Tuesday 23rdApril, 2019 at 5pm



Deadline for submission of proposals: Tuesday 23rdApril, 2019
Successful applicants notified/called for interview by: 30th April
Presentation of first show: The Big Splash 20th-21st July 2019



For further information please contact Articulture

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.